Soul network

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Who can use this site?

This site has been created to bring together people who need help and people who have time and are willing to help them.

There may be many people going through difficult circumstances in their lives right now. This could be because of financial difficulties, terminal illness, or any other personal problem. Some of them give up their desire to continue living. But for every person who gives up, there are numerous stories of people who have turned around their circumstances and emerged victorious.

Sometimes, what these people need is just someone to listen to them for few minutes or some one to guide them in the right direction.

Message to those who need help: Whatever circumstances you are going through in your life, please do not give up because life is always worth living and there might be someone in this world somewhere who could do with your help. This site is not to make you dependent on someone else, but to make you realize that you are not alone and to encourage you to stand on your feet again.

Directions for use of the site: You can leave your queries, comments on the site and the volunteers who check this site will reply to you as needed. Also, if you have the time and inclination you may find someone who needs your help.

You may use the 'soul chat' facility available on the left for your queries.

Since this is a voluntary site, the people helping out will be available only as per their convenience.

To those who would like to help: Please read the queries posted and reply/ help those in need as you think possible.